Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Vampire Haunts the Cemetery

ok so ive spent at least 45 mins a day trying to get this shit to work but i think im just too stoopid
i dont know how to fix it
i wish anthony was here i miss him and he knows how to fix everything.
the show last night was cool. the girls at the rave looked crazy . a couple girls let me take their picture with my phone and i said it was for vice magazine.
right now im at work sitting in the photo booth. i really love photo booths i wish i was at a carnival or one of the circus's from mexico that have been seeing around downtown .
i dont know what else to write i suck at this i know its a waste of time to be scared all the time but its all i know how to be. at least once a day. one a day i get embarrassed, sad, scared, bored, tired, so hungry, lonely, and then really really happy. Im just glad that i can feel something everyday instead of nothing. thats the worst stagnant heavy nothingness. 

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