Sunday, April 10, 2011

Live by the River

hey hi whats up im at work im real excited for next week cause i get to bring my computerz back to work so i can blog all the time i need to find a place like maybe in macarthur park where i can develop film for 5 bux cos all the prisces went up at the 1hr photos in the pharmacy. i love luv macarthur park jen just got a pair of real fresh rebox there for 5 bux my favoruite amount im reading the adventures of huckleberry finn and its real crazy these kids start a boys gang and theyre activities include killing and robbing people but so far no ones been kilt or robt but i like that part of being a kid when your running around or hiding and you really feel and believe that your hiding from the evil demons that are gonna eat you up or  if they find you theyre gonna pants you in front of all your friends so you gotta hide real good and its so terrifying that you almost pee yourself and at the same time its the most fun thing ever. being a kid is so weird. anyway im late for work agayn agayn agayn laterz shout out to MF's buh bye

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