Monday, March 7, 2011

You talk about day im talking about night time.

hi these are old photos i was looing foe the Crass ass photos and i just realized its stuck in my computer that i havnt turned on in like 3 months so ill post those pictures soon promise i will 

ive been cleaning my room all day and i found some cute temp tats that jexxe gave me and a skull pin and cool sickers and a check that was made out to ZEN MAFIA from my old job a thong that i dont know who it belongs to a bottle of unfinshed antibiotics some mushooms shoe laces a love note caps for a cap gun a tape recorder keys to the cuffs a headless skeleton pictures of an x loose journal entrys nails and hairs and hairs and hairs

last night i got really stoked about when i got to see the tour schedule. im so happy life is dope and all my friends the only people who read this anyway are all the bomb. ok bye i have to go now.

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