Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Terrific Racket

I just finished reading the catcher in the rye for the first time and i think i remember that its like a book your supposed to read in high school. i wish i had. Holden is so cool he gets creeped out by things but still thinks its ok and he see ugly girls but gets drunk and dances with them anyway and he feels weird around fakes all weird all weird and gets embarrassed when cheesy things happen like when someone does something weird and you get embarrassed just being in the same room that's what it made me think of i think that is really cool i totally get that its ok to freak out everyday i used to hate everything too. things are different now. i stare at the ceiling thinking about nothing a lot. yesterday i rented four movies and sat in my room and watched two of them. One of them was called im gonna explode and the other one was waking sleeping beauty. both made me want to lock myself up and not talk for hours until i made something really special and good. i just wanna make things to share with everybody. i wish i was in the 4th grade and in a big orchestra again. deana told me she used to wear high heels in the 4th!! I want us to have a big warehouse fort with a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom. and everyone has there own room and somewhere there is a big tree and some grass. And me and Jenn have rooms really far apart so we dont fight each other everyday. Crazy band could practice there all the time, everyone could park inside it. there is more stuff but i have to go now.

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